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5 SKILLS We Need “Today” for High EARNINGS “Tomorrow”

The future is approaching us faster than ever before in history.

New technologies do not come to us linearly; their growth has long been exponential.

For each of us, this means that in 10-20 years the world around us will look completely different than it does today.

Therefore, we must stop, as Zen Buddhists say, “swimming quietly with the flow of life.”

We must take the oars, screw on the engine and wings, add AI (artificial intelligence) and other “chips” that are now pouring down on us as if from a cornucopia.

Here are Five Skills that will help us be successful in the New Future:

1) Ability to quickly unlearn

This can be called “Darwinian adaptability” to a changing world.

We must unlearn how to do what we need to unlearn how to do (by forgetting what we need to forget — what is outdated and no longer works).

Everything that is coming will make the world we are familiar with completely different from how we know it today.

2) Full immersion

“Live” in the subject areas in which you work and earn money.

Absorb new things, experiment, collect information from everywhere.

For example:

Every day I read the latest publications on my professional topic (personal finance and investing).

I don’t just read, I apply it, I make money from it.

A little hint:

Become socialized by being present on all key industry online platforms (in your field of activity).

Use them as free learning platforms.

3) Interpersonal skills

Your income level is determined by how you express your thoughts.

You are solely responsible for making sure you are heard and understood correctly by the people around you (and robots and AI).

Tip: Be very clear.

Use simple words and short sentences.

Make “difficult matters” clear.

4) There are a million little ways to get more time and money.

Be productive in your daily activities and financially literate in money matters.

This is the main currency today — our time (our level of energy and performance) and our money (income assets).

5) Archimedean lever, which allows you to “turn over the Earth”

No matter how effective we are, we will not be able to “embrace the immensity.”

Therefore, we will need levers that multiply our own efforts 100-fold.

This is hiring employees (remote assistants and outsourcers).

This is our presence on the network (our texts, videos, useful publications, etc. should work there around the clock).

These are our investments, which, thanks to the “magic of compound interest,” will make us very rich people after a while

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