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7 Things I “Stole” from People SMARTER Than Me: And I Use Them

It is not necessary to comprehend the wisdom of life through trial and error.

There is another option — to learn from the example of people who are smarter and more successful than us.

Thus, we instantly become stronger, wiser and more effective. 

In today’s article I will share with you 7 of my findings that I “stole” from people smarter than me.

And I use them with pleasure.

Take them, adapt them for yourself and apply:

1) Amateurs focus on results

The more professional you become, the less you begin to care about the results themselves — instead, completely concentrating on the processes of “growing” them.

In this case, you will still get the desired results, because… rely on the effectiveness of the system you have created (work processes that guarantee the “materialization” of your goals).

So there is an amateur and a professional approach. Which one do you practice? 

Ask yourself this.

2) Competition is for losers

When you compete with someone, someone always loses (and it is quite likely that the loser will be you).

Therefore, choose a field for your activity where you are the only one.

Try to do what only you can do. This way you will have no competitors (and you will skim off all the cream).

3) The most polite form of a hard refusal is to refer to the fact that you have certain rules about this

People respect the rules. 

Therefore, they understand that you are not refusing them (their request, offer or demand), but are following established rules that leave you no other choice.

4) Look for a job that will teach you a lot (i.e. where you will greatly “pump up” your professional skills)

Don’t choose a job based on salary alone. Because the biggest money goes to the biggest professionals.

5) Become a juggler

“Imagine life as a game in which you juggle five balls at once. They are called: work, family, health, friends and soul. You will soon realize that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it’s no big deal. But the other four balls — family, health, friends and soul — are made of glass. If you drop them, they will be damaged or even lost forever.”

These are the words of Brian Dyson, who headed Coca-Cola.

6) Buy “assets” first

Liabilities cannot make you rich. Wealth is not things, cars and yachts

7) Spend less than you earn and invest the remaining difference wisely.

Due to this, you will create capital that will work for you.

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