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From Poverty to WEALTH – One Step (Five Practical Tips)

Many agree that our thoughts are material and self-prophetic.

But here’s a paradox: as soon as it comes to finances and our wallet, we unconsciously believe in our ineradicable “poverty.”

After all, it is much easier to complain to a friend about a low salary than to regularly improve your skills and take other actions to increase your income level.

In this article we will talk about how to rebuild your “money” thinking in order to “program” yourself for prosperity and success in financial matters.

Here are just a few tips on how to quickly improve your “relationship” with money:

1) Money loves those who love it

We protect the people dear to us and take care of them.

Why not try doing the same with money?

2) To become rich, you need to believe that it is possible

Wealthy people know where they can earn extra money and what to invest in.

At the same time, this does not bother them; they are not chasing money.

They are simply interested in this; the philosophy of wealth is embedded in their heads.

By the way, check yourself!

Wealthy people always have a so-called “financial cushion”.

Therefore, even during the most severe crises and widespread unemployment (as happened in the spring of 2020), their wallet is never empty.

And this is not fantasy, but the ability to control your income and expenses.

How are you doing with this matter?

3) “Make friends” with money

What would happen if you gave a million dollars to the rich and the poor?

The first will find a way to increase it, the second will squander it in a short time and be left with nothing.

Therefore, strive with all your might to increase the level of your “money literacy”: books on personal finance, Internet resources, educational videos on Youtube will help you.

After all, you can sew up a hole in your wallet, but hardly in your head. 

Without practical knowledge in the field of competent management of your personal finances, you cannot change your consciousness and create wealth.

4) Change your attitude towards wealth

A wealthy person is not one who bathes in luxury, but one who invests wisely and has impressive financial capital.

Money falls from the sky only in fairy tales (or as a lucky inheritance, which does not happen often, and even then it is squandered incredibly quickly).

5) Turn the pursuit of wealth not into a goal, but into a hobby

Is your wife nagging you about the eternal lack of money?

Do you go to work every morning like you’re going to hard labor?

Humans are amazingly designed: instead of throwing a stone off our necks, we try in every possible way to avoid changes in our lives.

And you can start small: start saving up a nest egg, find a part-time job you like, open an investment account, buy index funds and foreign currency every month, etc.


Financial well-being always starts from the head.

If you have the desire, there will always be ways to become wealthy.

By CashGuy

Online Money Maker

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