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How to Attract LUCK to Your Side: 4 Ways to Become LUCKY and the Darling of Fortune

There are two types of luck: “stupid” and “deliberate”.

There is nothing we can do to increase our chances of “stupid” luck, which completely randomly “falls” on us from the sky.

However, each of us is quite capable of significantly increasing our chances of being favored by “deliberate” luck. To do this, we must “structure” our lifestyle in a certain way.

This is exactly what we will talk about in today’s article.

So, meet Four ways to attract luck to your side (to become lucky and the darling of fate):

1) Don’t criticize or complain

Show genuine interest in other people (be sure to remember the name of your interlocutor and call him by name more often).

Build communication and business relationships taking into account the interests of the other person.

Important: Never say “You are wrong.” Thus, you will allow your opponent to “save face”.

2) He who acts “owns the world”

This happens for a banal reason – they had the courage to try and make an attempt.

Yes, not all of our endeavors end in success. But the likelihood of failure decreases as our professionalism and systematic approach to things grow.

Important: Don’t try to do reckless things. Have the courage to take only well-calculated risks.

By the way, buying lottery tickets is not a “calculated risk.”

Due to the fact that the probability of getting a big win is near zero.

3) Asymmetrical bet

Oddly enough, in the vast majority of cases failure will not harm us.

For example:

You send your resume to an interesting vacancy.

Then one of two things happens: (1) You get a new job (with a significant increase in salary), or (2) You stay in your current job.

Even if you don’t get a new job, you have nothing to lose.

Or, another example: You invite a girl on a date.

One of two things happens: (1) She answers you “Yes,” or (2) She answers you “No.”

Important: If you never try, you will fail. This is how our world works!

4) Luck hates cowards

When you consistently show courage and take calculated risks, you begin to feel “like a fish in water” in unusual situations.

Which gives you a significant advantage over those who feel “out of place” in an unfamiliar environment.

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