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How to “Attract MONEY” into Your Life: The Mindset of RICH People

Let’s talk about how to maximize your income and gain financial wealth.

Below are 7 principles of the “rich people mindset” that helped them achieve their wealth.

Use at least some of them — and your income will visibly go up.

1) Be consistent, no matter the circumstances

If you want to achieve great success in life, you will need incredible persistence.

For example, JK Rowling worked for 7 years on her Harry Potter.

After which she had to send her book to almost 50 publishing houses and receive refusals from them.

But despite all these difficulties, her book “about magic” made her a very rich woman.

What to do: Form a few mandatory habits that you will adhere to on an ongoing basis, regardless of events in the world around you.

Bad weather shouldn’t affect you.

The bad mood of your “other half” should not prevent you from carrying out your planned actions.

So is bad news.

*By the way, I hope you have stopped watching the news?

They only “eat up” our time and spoil our mood.

2) Don’t try to enter a locked door

There is almost always another way to get where you want to go.

What to do: Try different things and start many small projects.

And after one of them “shoots”, increase your efforts tenfold in this direction.

3) Respect yourself

Build your life and career according to your own scenario.

Earn money, raise children and take care of true friends.

Nobody wants to communicate with a gloomy “loner” who makes little money and barely makes ends meet.

What to do: Make a list of your achievements.

Plan to add a couple of items there before the end of the year.

Be open to new people, opportunities and experiences.

Learn to be friends with money — to do this, read any book on financial literacy.

4) Do hard things

Every successful person has an “obsession” with their work.

The fact is that most “instant successes” grow on the basis of many years of “honing” one’s professional skills and learning from one’s mistakes.

Each talented writer has spent more than 10 thousand hours developing their talent.

Every successful entrepreneur invested not only his money, but 10 thousand hours of his own effort into the growth of his business.

What to do: Each of us can succeed in our chosen field of activity — provided that we do not shy away from difficult tasks and work with an eye to the long term.

This is the only way we can achieve an income that will significantly exceed the income of most people.

5) “Bad events” will definitely come into our lives

We cannot know in advance what exactly this will be and when exactly it will happen.

But we know for sure that this will inevitably happen. However, this should not stop the implementation of our plans for life.

What to do: We have a responsibility to be incredibly vigilant about potentially dangerous events that may come knocking on our doors.

We are obliged to think through our actions to prevent, counter and minimize adverse consequences.

This way, when life hits us in the teeth, we will be ready for it.

6) Be grateful to life

People “make” their own luck.

Our efforts (and common sense) are like a magnet that attracts good opportunities, money and prosperity into our lives.

The more time and energy we devote to our work and caring for our family, the greater the chance of incredible luck.

What to do: Don’t forget to invest 10-20% of your income every month.

This will allow, over time, to create large capital consisting of “income assets” denominated in different currencies.

7) Don’t put off your dreams until better times

After we have done all the necessary work, it will be time to reap the benefits.

Our investments and assets will now work instead of us.

And hired work will cease to be “strictly obligatory” — it will become optional, and not vital.

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