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How to Avoid 3 Common Mistakes With MONEY: 3 Tips That Begin the Path to Financial PROSPERITY

Test yourself: How many of these 3 mistakes are you making?

And don’t worry — I’ll show you how to “fix” these errors.

This will quickly change your “relationship” with money, you will forever get rid of financial problems and begin to get richer day by day.

So, meet Three common mistakes with money and Three tips with which the path to financial prosperity begins:

Mistake #1: Being lazy at work and working half-heartedly

The surest way to get rich is to focus on “active income”, which turns into “passive”

We all know how to make money, but not each of us knows how to make our money “work” and increase.

What to do: First, focus on what creates value in your current workplace.

Whether it’s working with clients, following technological maps (business processes), etc.

Strive to become the “best” in your business, study best practices, master new approaches and methods.

Mistake #2: Not counting your money

Each of us is the owner of a business in which we are the most important business asset (making money).

The main goal of any business is to become more and more profitable and sustainable over time.

Therefore, as a business owner, we must clearly see the overall picture of our finances: income and expenses, losses and loans, assets and investments, passive income, etc.

What to do: Start taking your family finances as seriously as possible.

As a business!

Calculate as accurately as possible all the key indicators (numbers) of your business.

And don’t treat your money like a kid who’s getting free ice cream.

3) Mother Sloth was born before us

To become rich, we need to learn to work 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without days off or lunch breaks).

Of course, no person is capable of such a “labor feat.”

Our “income assets” and investments are capable of working in such a round-the-clock, year-round mode.

What to do: Make it a rule to allocate 10-20% of each income to replenish your investment portfolio (consisting of different currencies and assets).

Start by building a “financial cushion”, and then switch to purchasing index funds

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