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How to Become RICH With the Power of Thought: The Right Thoughts Will Make YOU a Very Rich Person

In today’s article I have collected several good thoughts that will allow you to build your “relationship” with personal finances in the right way.

And in those families where complete order with finances “reigns”, stable financial well-being comes.

By the way, the worsening crisis in the global economy, the recession in America and the crushing collapse of the stock market — all this is beyond our control.

And since we cannot influence it, then we have no need to worry about it.

Instead, we need to focus on those things that we can directly influence.

1) How to become rich with the “power of thought”

I will list just a few of the right thoughts that will lead your family to prosperity and financial well-being:

* Spend less than you earn (this is a classic of the genre).

* Have several sources of income in addition to your main one (this is also a classic).

* Gradually build a diversified investment portfolio (also a classic!).

* Use the opportunities provided by current legislation to minimize taxes.

* Invest for the long term (10-20 years).

* Invest only after you have accumulated a substantial nest egg (for 1-2 years).

2) Ambitious goals are not enough

The fact is that we do not rise to the level of our goals.

We sink to the level of the systems we have created.

Let me explain the effect of this principle using a simple everyday example:

Let’s say you set a goal to “earn $1 million in 5-10 years.” Sounds nice, the timeline is also set.

However, until you create a system of your actions (using, as an option, step No. 1) to “materialize” this goal, it will remain a beautiful Dream.

3) The system beats talent

You don’t have to be very smart to get rich.

You will need a plan of action and a sequence of steps.

After all, until you make one (then a second and a third) small change in your financial habits, you will not be able to make a big “money breakthrough”.

4) Move through fear and negativity

You have to “teach” your money to work for you — i.e. start investing them.

I want to warn you: you (as an investor) will immediately be bombarded with waves of negative information and bad news.

In such an oppressive atmosphere, it is easy to break down and lose all your initial fighting spirit.

You already know the solution to this problem — create a system of your steps that guarantees the achievement of the desired financial result.

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