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How to Make a FORTUNE, Stop Taking Loans and Forget About FINANCIAL Problems Forever

If you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet, then maybe it’s time to start over?

And thoroughly tackle your financial problems.

In today’s article we’ll talk about how to ensure that we have a “healthy relationship” with money.

Having amassed a solid capital and, at the same time, getting rid of loans and an eternally empty wallet.

Yes, it won’t be easy, but “who is at easy now”?

1) It doesn’t matter how many times we fall

It is important how many times we get up after falls and failures.

What’s also important is how many times life has knocked us down.

Because our vital resources are not infinite and “running on a rake” leaves deep marks on our body (leading to health problems).

Therefore, you should not delay in “putting things in order” in your financial affairs.

Otherwise it may be too late.

2) If something is really important to you, then take action.

But there is one caveat.

“The neighbor’s grass is always greener.”

Although upon closer examination it turns out that it is not real and is made of plastic.

So don’t make expensive purchases just because you saw them on someone else.

And therefore: Stop envying your neighbor’s “financial garden” and start carefully looking after your own.

Arm yourself with a watering can, shovel and other garden tools.

And also monetary instruments:

  • Fill your financial cushion
  • Stop taking out new loans.
  • Take care of looking for additional income.
  • Survive until you thrive

Let me explain this thesis.

It’s about “living within your means” and not borrowing money.

To buy “income-producing assets” first, and not frivolously spend money on unnecessary things.

To take a step towards your Main Financial Goals every day (by the way, have you defined them for yourself?)

4) Put this into practice — and you are already halfway to wealth

In sports, this is usually called “muscle memory.”

This is when you practice the same movement for years, over and over again, until your body acts correctly “automatically”, without the participation of the brain.

This is how Champions become Champions, ahead of hundreds/thousands of other gold medal contenders.

Here’s what you need to train in order to “make capital”:

  • Make it a rule to “pay yourself first” = save at least 10-20% of each income.
  • Consistently work to improve your professional competencies.
  • Invest monthly. Alternatively, buy currencies and index funds.
  • Avoid trading and risky speculation.
  • Adhere to a “portfolio approach” and a long investment horizon.

By CashGuy

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