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How to Wake Up with a Smile Every Day: 3 TRUTH People Realize Too Late in Their Life

A happy life is created by a clear understanding of “what works” and “what doesn’t work.”

We shouldn’t try to “make” something work that, by definition, “doesn’t work.”

We should show wisdom — and then in our life there will be no reason for strong feelings and indignation.

Wisdom to “accept what is happening.”

Wisdom to influence in time what we can change.

And the wisdom to distinguish the first from the second.

So, how to wake up with a smile every day?

This happens when we are completely satisfied with our life.

When our expectations match our capabilities.

When our Dreams are based on a reliable foundation of our knowledge and experience, and not on the “quicksand” of illusions, stereotypes and misconceptions.

Three Truths People Realize Too Late in Life

First: Small efforts add up and pay off big.

For example, make it a rule to read specialized publications in your profession for 15-30 minutes a day (due to this, in 1-2 years you will become one of the “most savvy” in your field of activity).

Or another example: Eat something healthy instead of fast food, sweets and processed foods. Your body and your spouse will thank you very much for this.

Second: Buying status “attributes of wealth” cannot make us rich people

The desire for high status (position in the tribe) is inherent in our genes, because the future of our race depends on this.

This is how nature “programmed” us.

And that is why our distant ancestors were able to pass through the tough “filter” of natural selection.

However, modern people no longer need to be the “strongest” or the “smartest”.

We no longer have to physically fight for a cave/dwelling, and we “obtain” food exclusively in grocery stores (and not by hunting).

However, our genes force us to participate in the “race for status.”

Today this struggle has shifted to social networks, where we (furiously) post beautiful photos from our vacation, brag about buying a new car or a watch that costs the same as 10 apartments in the outback.

Important: Our spending is not able to make our life stable, reliable and predictable.

Only investments we have made wisely can do this, incl. purchase of “income-producing assets”.

They will be our “hope and support” in any conditions and circumstances.

Third: The career ladder should be “tied” to our age

We must design our professional and career path wisely.

So that in retirement you don’t end up with nothing.

This is what an “ideal” career trajectory looks like (one that optimally combines work and family relationships, making money and hobbies, pleasure and joy).

* Between 20-30 years: Start working as early as possible. To lay a solid foundation for your future career by developing practical skills and joining the professional crowd. Build up a sizable nest egg and start investing.

* Age 30-40: Find a job with maximum career prospects. Don’t be afraid to change your job every 2-3 years (with a promotion in position and income). Replenish your financial cushion monthly and continue investing.

* Turning 40-50 years: You must learn to delegate all the routine to your subordinates and stop working with your hands. Invest a lot and often, buying “income assets.”

* Age 50-60: Work only “for pleasure” and not “for money”. Because the income from your investments completely provides for you.

* Age 60+: Do only what you want. You don’t worry about money anymore. Your “assets” bring them to you.

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