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Know Your WORTH: 5 Things to Remember When Going Through “HARD Times”

Let’s be completely honest with ourselves — we are all going through very difficult times right now.

Each of us quite rightly fears for the future of our family.

The situation in the economy is terrible, and in geopolitics it’s even worse. Alas, this will not “dissipate” quickly, so we must learn to live and work in new circumstances. 

I sincerely hope that the 5 tips from my article today will help you take the right steps in the right direction.

1) You’ve overcome difficult times before

You can do it this time too.

Of course, today’s circumstances are completely different from those you faced before.

But you will definitely cope — here, as they say, there are no options!

2) It doesn’t matter how “bad” you are right now.

This won’t last forever.

It’s okay to not feel “good,” so don’t beat yourself up for your (temporary) lack of positivity and optimism.

Don’t pretend that everything is okay. Allow yourself to become despondent, sad and idle. Because “pretending to be strong” is still “pretending.”

3) You are “so much more” than your problems

No matter how difficult the circumstances may be, you will definitely get through it.

“Tests are given to a person within his strength.”

The surest way to overcome problems is to “become more” than your problems. In other words, become wiser, more professional, more disciplined…

4) Life doesn’t happen “to you”, it happens “for you”

Our life never goes according to plan.

We cannot choose events and circumstances. But we can choose our behavior, take action, grow above ourselves and become better.

Just because our life is hard does not mean it is bad. Sometimes the worst thing that happens to us can turn out to be the best part of our life.

5) Whatever happens, you can handle it!

Most of us underestimate our strength and abilities.

Always remember that giving up is the only way to fail.

When obstacles arise, continue to consistently move towards your goals.

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