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LUCK is Not Accidental: Instructions on How to Catch Luck by the Tail and EARN a Lot of MONEY

Black cats are not liked because they allegedly “push away” luck from us — by crossing our path in the wrong place.

Although the cat is not to blame for anything: she is simply going somewhere about her own, purely feline, business.

Legends are made about luck, it is idolized and worshiped.

Today I suggest we also pay her “tribute of gratitude” and talk about how we can “train” luck and make it fill our wallets to the brim with money.

1) Our destiny is not “frozen in concrete”

We can change its trajectory — and at any time — through consistent steps and decisive actions.

Luck is not accidental; it meekly obeys people with a strong will and iron self-discipline.

2) Walk on the earth, don’t have your head in the clouds

Our thoughts pave our way in life.

I truly believe that most of my luck is a result of my stubbornness and stubbornness.

How else can you explain the fact that 10 years ago I managed to move to the metropolis from a run-down town and gain a foothold here, literally from scratch.

I didn’t give up and tried my luck over and over again, which surprised my Fate — and she decided to give up.


We cannot control the events happening around us.

But only we decide for ourselves:

(1) Should we remain lying on the ground, knocked down by Failure, or (2) Continue stubbornly “bending our line.”

3) Failure cannot be permanent.

Good opportunities are everywhere, if we pay close attention to finding them (and push skepticism to the back of our minds).

Check yourself for the following treacherous thoughts:

“These are my genes,” “I was born this way,” “I can’t change or fix anything.”

If you find them in yourself, then drive them away, burn them out with a hot iron.

For the simple reason that each of us has our own shortcomings, but our success is based solely on our strengths (and weaknesses do not play a significant role in our Destiny).

4) Don’t work for someone you don’t want to become

Surround yourself with the right people — they will help you “open your mind”, teach you strategies that work and “make friends” with Luck.

By doing so, we will change our path in life in order to bring ourselves closer to the opportunities that make us lucky.

5) Invest and get rich

Money loves those who know how to handle it correctly.

Those who have financial literacy.

Those who save 10% of each of their earnings, and first of all buy “income assets”.

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