Making Money Online

There are lot of ways to make money online. Hundreds. Thousands maybe. But my goal is to show you the real stuff. So here are some ways I’m making money online. Most of them a passive income opportunities. It means I’m earning money 24/7 even when I’m sleeping!

Right now, when you read these words, I’m making money too. I like it. Hope you will try these methods to create your own passive income streams. Good Luck!

5 Proven Ways to Make Money Online

  1. Blogging. The best one. Everyone has a story to tell! So… Use this opportunity not only to express yourself but to make money from it. You can make your own website or blog by utilizing your current social media accounts.

    The good way is by doing both. Grow your social media presence and send your followers to your website. To set-up your site and pick a good domain name for it you can use NameCheap services. You can even get a free domain name if you decide to host your blog with them.
  2. Affiliate Programs. Easy stuff! You can monetize your blog using this way. Or you can just send traffic to the site you promote as an affiliate. More traffic = More Money! You can start by joining some affiliate network like Share-a-Sale.
  3. Content Creation. You can make pictures and sell them via stock sites like ShutterStock. Or videos, music, articles, illustrations… anything! This is a good way to create some passive income. If you have some creativity inside, of course.
  4. Trading/Investing. Trading is hard. Too hard for an average person. But… Profitable trading is possible! And it is quite lucrative to say the least. So if you have a lot of spare time, some money to start with and a desire to succeed, why not give it a try?!

    When you will learn the basics of trading you can start to invest. Not before! Otherwise… you will lose all. Trust me, I was there. But loses is just a part of the game. And trading is more like a gambling. I trade and invest using Alpari Platform.
  5. Google AdSense. Another good way to monetize your blogging activity. Receiving payments from Google is fun and quite easy. And you can make thousands of dollars each month if your blog become a popular one. I love this way!

So. As you can see, I’m a big fan of blogging. Create you site. Fill it with unique and quality content. Be consistent. Think long-term. And monetize your efforts. That’s a secret to success in making money online!

I will provide more detailed info on the exact steps soon. Stay tuned!