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Problems with MONEY Will Go Away FOREVER: Your Wallet Will “Burst” with Money (Three Principles of HIGH INCOME)

Today we live in one of the most unstable periods of our history.

Many unfavorable factors and circumstances came together at once – each of which would have previously completely destroyed the life so familiar to us.

However, life goes on and, no matter what, we simply must provide our families with comfort, money and prosperity. How to do this correctly, how to get rid of financial problems forever, which will help us achieve high incomes and achieve sustainable prosperity — we will talk about all this in today’s article.

1) Millionaires are not born

They become millionaires.

After all, even if you are “lucky” to be born into a rich family, this does not mean at all that big money will “accompany” you for the rest of your life.

Quite the contrary: look at the children of millionaires and the “golden youth”, cheerfully squandering the fortune of their rich parents. They didn’t earn this money themselves (that’s why they completely lack the skill of earning money on their own) — and that’s why after a while they will be left with nothing.

2) It won’t be easy

There are no “magic” potions that can turn “lead into gold” or weak-minded people into billionaires.

First, you should stop dreaming about winning the lottery and other instant ways to get rich. The problem is that, as in any gambling, the odds are clearly not in your favor (and the prizes paid to the winners are collected from the money of naive dupes who buy lottery tickets for themselves over and over again in an insatiable thirst for profit).

Secondly, most millionaires earned their capital rather slowly. We are not talking about hours, days and weeks. Most often this lasts for many years or even decades.

Thirdly, be prepared to grow “above yourself” and change a lot (in order to be able to jump above your head). This is the only way you can make millions — by consistently increasing your professionalism and competitiveness. This is the road that leads to high incomes.

3) Money “makes” money

You have to master the art of investing, that is, competently increasing money.

For this:

* Learn, at least at the most basic level, basic investment terms (what is a stock, stock market, index fund, etc.);

* Create a “financial cushion” of sufficient size;

* Start investing 10-20% of each income you receive;

* Regularly purchase currencies, index funds and other assets.

Due to this, you will gradually be able to create large capital in small amounts, the income from which will fully provide for you.

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