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The TRUTH About MONEY That No One Wants to Hear

We all start somewhere — and at the very beginning of our journey we often make mistakes.

Money mistakes cost us the most because we lose our money.

In order to stop committing “financial nonsense”, we should familiarize ourselves with the basic rules of working with money. 

We must gain at least a superficial understanding of the basics of financial literacy by making it a habit to increase (not lose) money.

In today’s article I will share with you the Truth about money that no one wants to hear.

It is intended for those who want to have a solid financial foundation, and not a cardboard house that can be destroyed by the slightest gust of wind.

1) Don’t work at a job your whole life

Work is the worst source of income. Which irrevocably “burns” the time of our lives.

No one has ever gotten rich by working for hire (exchanging their time for money).

What instead of working for hire: We should strive to create 5-7 sources of income independent from each other. 

Not immediately and not all at once, but consistently and systematically.

2) Stop doing nonsense

For example: Stop saving on little things. Saving “on matches” will enrich you by only 10 dollars, which will not bring you either happiness or wealth.

Get used to asking yourself “Million Dollar Questions” and looking for answers to them.

Here are some of these questions:

(1) “What new skill will I learn this month/quarter”?

(2) “How can I encourage/force my boss to pay me 20% more”?

(3) What else can I do useful for my employer? 

(4) What additional tasks can I perform (getting paid for the results)?

(5) “How do I “tune” my monthly investments correctly?”

First, build up an “emergency fund”, then buy index funds with every income you make.

By CashGuy

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