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Three Words We Should Say More Often: To Make More MONEY

No, it’s not “I love you” — although it’s hard to argue with the extreme importance of repeating this phrase.

Now I am referring to the other three words spoken by King Solomon:

“This too shall pass”.

These three words are more relevant today than ever before.

The news background has become so aggressively negative that one has to make serious efforts not to succumb to anxiety and general panic.

I have collected several more versions of the “three words” that we should constantly remember and remind ourselves of them more often:

1) “Markets always recover”

My tongue already hurts from repeating these words.

I tell them to my investor friends, I write them in my articles and comments.

Novice investors literally went crazy with fear.

I understand perfectly well that it is difficult to remain calm and reasonable now.

Especially if you read the latest financial news: markets are falling, companies are canceling dividends, banks want to take away our savings.

2) “A rolling stones gather no moss”

I want to address these words to those who complain in the comments about their low income.

The fact is that the salary reflects the value for the labor market of a particular employee.

If you are paid little, it means that you do not have unique professional skills, and that you can be easily replaced by another, lower-paid employee.

Moreover, unemployment is growing rapidly, and therefore there are not dozens and hundreds of people ready to work in your place, there are thousands and millions of them (including migrant workers).

So roll up your sleeves, pick up a textbook (in your specialty), find a feasible part-time job in your free time from your main job.

In short, a rolling stone gathers no moss!

3) “Everything will be fine”

Not now, but a little later.

But it will definitely happen if you “turn off” emotions and “turn on” common sense.

Although screaming, moaning and writing comments on the Internet is much easier than consistently moving towards your goals.

“This too shall pass”!

Good luck and patience to everyone in these difficult times!

By CashGuy

Online Money Maker

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