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To Become RICH, You Don’t Need to Be SMART: On the Contrary, You Need to Be Ordinary

People often write to me in the comments: “If you are so smart, then why are you so poor”?

They draw a conclusion about my finances from the fact that I write articles on the site and shoot videos for YouTube, and do not lie lazily on the ocean beach, hugging a mulatto woman and a travel bag tightly stuffed with dollars.

For some reason, poor people have just such “strange” fantasies about wealth — doing nothing at all, sunbathing in the sun and “destroying” all the elite alcohol nearby.

However, real wealth is about assets and smart investments, and not about beaches and endless parties.

In today’s article, I suggest we talk about what you need to be in order to be guaranteed to get rich.

*Spoiler: You don’t have to be smart to become rich!

It is enough to be the most ordinary, but consistently do the right (and fairly simple) actions with money.

1) You don’t have to be “the best” to succeed in life.

The key to victory, as well as the path to big money, is to move in the right direction by adhering to the basic principles of financial literacy.

In particular, regularly improve your skills in order to remain in demand in the labor market.

PLUS save 10-20% from each salary.

As a result, you will gradually form an impressive capital, the income from which will be able to completely replace your salary.

2) Avoid major failures

It’s normal to make mistakes, but we should try our best to avoid serious mistakes.

They are the ones who can completely block our movement towards sustainable financial well-being.

Here are some critical mistakes: not investing, not improving your skills, not growing in your career, leading an unhealthy lifestyle (abusing bad habits), etc.

3) Life won’t always be smooth sailing

On our way, there will definitely be increased turbulence from time to time.

It is precisely such a turbulent period that our country is going through (but today it is not only us that is “shaking”, now the whole world is in a fever, as a new global world order is being formed).

At such moments, we just need to accept the “bumps in the road” and always return to the right course (in case the “wind of change” takes us in a completely different direction).

3) If you are “above average” in important areas of life, then success is guaranteed to you

Take the right steps in the right direction.

Move at your own pace (ignoring the super-results of geniuses and lucky people, as well as the shit of haters).

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