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8 Personality Traits of Highly EFFECTIVE People (Check Whether YOU Have Them or Not)

Effective — i.e. successful in life and in their professional field — people do many things that other people do not do or are afraid to do.

Sometimes we look at such people with hidden admiration and think: 

“I will never have such victories and results. I can never be like that.”

But such thoughts are nothing more than self-deception.

Each of us is capable of significantly changing ourselves by developing new character traits and skills — it’s just a matter of time and perseverance.

We can adopt certain character traits from those people we want to be like.

Even if they now contradict our nature and innate characteristics.

So, here are 8 character traits of highly effective people (Check whether you have them or not):

1) They are optimistic

And this is not at all about seeing the glass “half full” rather than “half empty.”

The point is that effective people always think about ways to solve a problem or task.

Without wasting time on plaintive moans about the injustice of life or the tyranny of your boss.

They are looking for solutions, not excuses.

2) They are curious

Effective people ask a lot of questions to try to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

And whoever seeks always finds!

3) They are assertive

In the good sense of the word.

They don’t hide behind false modesty.

They are polite but persistent.

They think about themselves first, but do not sacrifice others — this is the true essence of assertiveness.

4) They are independent thinkers

It is very difficult to influence them; it is impossible to lead them astray from their chosen path.

Highly effective people listen to and read many other people, but only listen to a few of them.

And they always make important decisions for themselves.

5) They tell the truth

First of all, they tell the truth to themselves.

After all, when you deceive someone (even in the most insignificant way), then ultimately you yourself will fall into the trap of your own lies.

A lie comes back like a boomerang, so it’s better to tell the truth.

6) They are flexible

The fact is that our lives are extremely changeable.

This has become especially noticeable in recent years, in the era of the rise of digital technologies and the new “energy transition.”

This is why effective people are so flexible and easy-going.

In order not only to “survive”, but also to thrive “above average”, we must be able to adapt — quickly adapting to new challenges and circumstances (and abandoning everything that has ceased to “work” in the current realities of life).

7) They admit their imperfections

Each of us makes mistakes sometimes.

And there is nothing wrong with this, because “only those who do nothing make no mistakes.”

It is important to honestly admit the mistake we have made and continue to move forward towards our goals.

8) They are financially literate

Money comes and immediately “leave” from us.

Highly effective people are acutely aware of this immutable fact of life.

Therefore, they have taught themselves to save and invest — and they do this first.

And only then, secondarily, do they spend money on life’s necessities, entertainment and trinkets.

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