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9 Untrivial TRUTHS about LIFE: Important LESSONS to Take with You into the Future

I used to think that I had achieved success in life — because by the age of 33 I had a house, a car, my own business and a lot of entertainment.

Much later I realized how wrong I was.

Below I will share 9 non-trivial truths that would be nice to be guided by in the Future.

To each of us.

1) A nice car, a tailored suit, a big screen TV, an expensive watch…

All these attributes of a “successful life” turned out to be just a waste of money.

I had it all, but I didn’t feel “successful” or “fulfilled in life.”

Instead, I felt like a “successful fool.”

2) The best way to live a good life

It is quite simple and consists of two components:

  • Grow as a person, and
  • Make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others.

Maybe this is precisely the meaning of life?

3) We underestimate our Health

It is much more important than most of us realize.

For some reason we take it for granted.

And only later do we become convinced from personal experience that without health (as well as without money) everything else does not matter.

4) We chase unusual moments in life

Instead of being grateful to life for the most ordinary moments.

After all, when something very bad happens to us, we dream of only one thing — for our life to become “normal” again.

5) Old people do not understand new technologies. And young people don’t understand the risks

Therefore, we must optimally balance our investments — wisely distributing our money across different currencies and different asset classes.

6) If you want to reduce spending money, then stop shopping

The stores create “the most ideal conditions” so that we leave as much money as possible there.

Carefully thought out display of goods, skillfully selected music and even specially sprayed scents are designed to serve only one purpose — to make customers pay in full.

Therefore, just don’t go into stores, avoid them.

And turn off advertising in your gadgets.

7) We all want amazing results.

But at the same time, most of us do not want any changes in our lives.

Due to the fact that the changes imply “a period of complete uncertainty.”

What does “pangs of discomfort” mean?

And we, oh, how we don’t like to suffer.

8) I’m not perfect: And I never will be.

I make mistakes.


I make bad decisions.

Failure is a frequent guest in my life.

I stumble and fall.

Just like any other person.

But this does not prevent me from achieving good results in life.

9) Sometimes you can wait longer than usual

Why rush if there is no need?

Why not enjoy your “journey through life”?

By CashGuy

Online Money Maker

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