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SECRETS of Rich People Who Became RICH from Scratch. The Poor Don’t Know This or Don’t Want to Know

Everyone wants to get rich — even those who hate rich people with all their hearts.

Although, perhaps, this is precisely why this “anti-bourgeois” group of our fellow citizens cannot do this?

In today’s article, I propose that we analyze the so-called “secrets” of rich people, which allowed them to create large financial wealth from “complete scratch”.

So, meet the Secrets of rich people who became rich from scratch:

1) The size of your salary is determined by you yourself, not someone else

This thought literally tears the heads into small pieces for those who are used to working for low wages.

We are not “paid” our salaries!

We earn our salaries ourselves — with our unique professional competencies.

Thus, it turns out that our salary is a mirror “reflection” of our value for the labor market (including for our boss, employer, clients and other stakeholders).

2) Continue to do your job well

This is the advice I now give to my readers and paying clients.

Yes, the events taking place do not please us all, to put it mildly, but this is not a reason to “throw away” or go into deep depression.

I will repeat my previous point:

We are paid money for our value and the results we produce (and not for confusion and vacillation).

3) Stubbornly climb the career ladder

At some point, you need to stop focusing solely on your professional development and switch to management competencies.

In other words, you need to purposefully learn to “produce” a very large result with the hands and brains of other people (and not with your own, as before).

4) Be pragmatic about money

Direct as much money as possible to investments.

This will allow you to make your money “work” for you around the clock.

The pattern here is very simple:

The more money you put to work, the sooner you will stop (compulsorily) needing to work (for money).

5) Stop thinking that you are the smartest person in the stock market

For some reason unknown to me, many people naively believe that they are smarter than the market and that they will be able to constantly make money on speculative transactions.

Unfortunately, almost no one can do this — unless, of course, you are Warren Buffett.

Remember and even write down:

No one in the world can predict what will happen to the stock market in the near future!

However, it is known for certain what will happen to the market in 10-20-30 years — it will reward long-term investors with huge profits.

By CashGuy

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