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How to Accelerate Your Path to WEALTH: Five Small (But Powerful) Beliefs About MONEY

The most annoying question of all time: “Where can I get money when I really need it?”

This question irritates us because it always comes up at the wrong time.

Usually, it unexpectedly hits us “in the gut” when we don’t expect it at all, and our “finances sing romances.”

In such a situation, it is already “too late to drink Borjomi”, but it is never too late to take care of the global task — to improve our “relationship” with money so that it makes us a very rich person.

We will talk about how to do this correctly in today’s article.

Five small (but powerful) beliefs about money that will speed up our path to wealth:

1) Money is not a reward for our efforts

Money is the reward for our financial literacy and the value we provide to other people.

You can work your ass off all day, but if you don’t create significant value, you will get paid very little for it.

Money “flows like a river” into the wallets of only those people who have the right financial thinking, in-demand professional competencies and skills in managing money wisely.

Money “comes” to those who can see opportunities, solve difficult problems and create value for other people.

2) Our purchases “boost” the economy

Our spending has a beneficial effect on the macroeconomy.

But, on the other hand, our spending empties our wallets.

Therefore, the best financial strategy looks like this:

“Spend less, invest more.”

This gives us the opportunity to profit from economic growth (for example, stock prices of large companies rise with overall economic growth).

3) The first few years will be disappointing.

This is why 95% of people give up.

Yes, they read a book on financial literacy and even took a couple of right steps towards their wealth.

But a couple of steps brings us little closer to our goal (and will not make us a rich person).

Significant financial results will appear only in 5-10 years.

And “I want to eat now!”

This is why 95% of people “merge” — they switch to searching for “instant enrichment schemes” that ultimately ruin them.

4) We don’t need to do more (or better) than others

We need to “take the right steps” longer than others.

If you continue your focused journey towards wealth, it will only be a matter of time before you see the first significant results.

Let me remind you what the “right steps” look like:

  • Live within your means.
  • Build up your professional skills.
  • Change jobs more often — with an increase in income and position.
  • Invest 10-20% of each income received.

5) We only get rich when we separate our emotions from money.

Few people understand this.

This is why most people are guided by emotions rather than common sense.

This is why there are so few rich people around us.

By CashGuy

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