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How to Become a MILLIONAIRE: Without Outstanding Abilities and Connections

As we know, geniuses are not born — they are made.

The same principle applies to making a large amount of money.

In today’s article we will look at some personal characteristics (character traits) that are common to all geniuses. After all, as you know: “Genius and money go hand in hand,” unless it is an “absent-minded genius.”

1) Inquisitiveness and curiosity

Only such a “living mind” is capable of tirelessly “looking out” for new information and noticing excellent opportunities that other people blithely pass by.

2) “Awl in one place”

Geniuses don’t wait for good things to happen. No, they boldly “take the bull by the horns” and force reality to become what they need it to be.

3) Geniuses “infect” other people with their passion and belief in the inevitability of a breakthrough result.

That is why a team of like-minded people gathers around them, ready and able to “move mountains” together.

4) Increased performance

Geniuses have the ability to work hard and for a long time. They are “on fire” with their idea, so they simply do not notice the passage of time. They are ready to give up their entire lives without hesitation for the success of their idea.

5) Vivid unconventionality

They do as they see fit. They are not afraid (although it would be more correct to say that they do not notice) other people’s skepticism, disapproval and ridicule.

6) Their minds are always wide open

Which makes them incredibly inventive. Geniuses know how to think in unexpected combinations and are not afraid to look at old things from a new point of view.

7) They “grow” missing skills, qualities and habits.

What turns them into a “self-learning bulldozer”, rushing towards its goal — and not noticing the obstacles that arise in its way. This is something from the series:

“The rhinoceros has very poor eyesight, but this is no longer his problem.”

* How many “genius” character traits have you counted in yourself?

** Don’t worry if you have discovered only “weak rudiments” of all these qualities in yourself. They can be built up, sharpened, polished and cut — after which they will make you a real millionaire.

*** Are you ready to take a step forward?

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