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HOW to Become Filthy RICH: A Guide for Dummies From a Dummie Who Was Able to Get Rich

Wealth is what everyone strives for. But only a few manage to “become rich.”

Do you want to be one of these lucky ones?

Then be prepared to go a certain way to go from a person with a “below average” income to someone who manages millions.

So, meet the Guide for Dummies from a “dummie” who was able to get rich:

1) Evolution has not yet caught up with our days

Most of us are still in the grip of our primitive thinking.

Although the current incredibly fast “digital” world requires us to have a completely different way of thinking and worldview.

So be incredibly persistent in creating wealth.

To do this, we will need self-discipline, radically different “mental models”, new habits — and all this is not formed “overnight”.

2) Don’t give in to the “temptation of the moment”

Make a clear plan so you can follow it calmly.

Let me give you my example from investments:

I do not pay attention to the rise or fall of financial markets, to increased turbulence in the economy and geopolitics.

Despite all the turmoil today, my plan remains the same — I invest on a weekly basis and ignore market drawdowns, which are called “high volatility.”

Crises come and go.

And the investments will be able to “feed” me and my family for the rest of my life.

3) Open yourself a “millionaire account”

Direct 10-20% of every income you receive to this account (bank and investment/brokerage).

And do not touch this money for trifles — it is intended only to replenish your “reserve fund” and investments.

4) What you should never do is admit defeat

Continue to work according to your plan, this is the only way you will become much stronger.

Be flexible: Look at things from different perspectives.

Put yourself in other people’s shoes.

Be open to change and exploring new options.

5) “How much money do I invest”?

I hope this question gets you thinking more seriously about investing and taking action.

Monthly, every month, without omissions or excuses.

I often see in comments:

“I don’t have money to invest”, “I don’t know where to invest my money profitably”, “I’m afraid of losing my money, like our grandparents.”

Financial ignorance is a “mental illness” that can be treated.

Make it a habit to invest in index funds.

By CashGuy

Online Money Maker

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