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What is Behind the SUCCESS of MILLIONAIRES? Everything is Much Simpler Than You Think. But it’s Harder Than You Make It

“I drink champagne every day, wake up in the afternoon and don’t exercise.”

This is what typical stories from the lives of millionaires look like — this is what we see in Hollywood films and luxury glossy magazines.

But in life everything is completely different.

Millionaires live differently.

At least, self-made millionaires who “made themselves.”

And each of us has a chance to become.

1) “Lady Luck” and Wind of Fortune

Whenever someone we know achieves extraordinary success, we attribute it to Luck.

After all, how else can you explain their incredible luck?

Well, they didn’t plow “like galley slaves.”

Most likely, we think, they bought themselves a thick stack of lottery tickets, one of which brought them the coveted billion.

2) The “secret” of luck has long been revealed

For greater clarity, I suggest looking at the most important thing in life — our health.

Doctors have long established the indisputable fact that good health is the result of three balanced reasons:

  • Balanced diet without overeating,
  • Regular physical activity,
  • Good parental genes.

It is quite obvious that luck has absolutely nothing to do with it!

The situation is exactly the same in other areas of our lives: significant results appear only under the influence of our correct steps.

Which has nothing to do with luck, right?

3) The key to success is the ability to play chess

Let me explain:

Going to great success is a long-term game with short-term decisions and focused actions to achieve Victory.

Great success (= becoming a millionaire, being healthy, having a happy marriage, etc.) is just our skillful strategy of “playing chess.”

And it has nothing to do with luck, fate or the favorable alignment of the stars.

4) Culinary metaphor

Achieving success is a lot like a complicated recipe.

Which looks something like this:

A lot of hard work and the right strategy, a little luck and luck to be “in the right place at the right time”, a pinch of good opportunities, add a monthly purchase of income-generating assets.

And patience to wait until the dish is completely ready

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