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3 Actions With MONEY That Almost No One Does: That’s Why There Are So Few RICH People Among Us

Money is a strange combination of numbers and our subjective feelings about them.

The result is an “explosive cocktail” with which you can either “poison yourself” or get rich.

There is no third.

A lot of things about money are not at all what they seem.

Many of the stereotypes we are accustomed to “repel” money from us, although we expected exactly the opposite effect.

Here are a few of the typical false anti-money beliefs: “salary = security”, “crypto = new gold”, “rich person = crook and thief”.

In today’s article we will try to “separate” the flies from the “money cutlet”.

Because otherwise, our finances will forever “sing romances.”

1) Each of us has two employment options

The first is to work for someone: “for a boss”, for the state, etc.

The second is working “for yourself”.

The first option seems to us the most reliable and proven.

Although it leads to a “money dead end”, running into the so-called “money ceiling” and an extremely small pension.

Therefore, working for hire, you will never get rich.

But on the other hand, you will always have your own piece of bread and butter (and top managers will even have black caviar).

The second option — being your own boss — is much riskier.

But it gives us a chance to earn a lot of money.

But there is a risk of failure.

The price for unlimited income potential is the possibility of absolute failure.

Maybe you will become a millionaire, or maybe you will go broke.

However, you can never get rich if you don’t own a share of your work (yours or someone else’s business).

2) Two families with different incomes

The first earns 3000 and spends all the money.

The second earns 1500, but spends only 1000 of them.

If this continues in the future, the first family will never become rich.

While the second will inevitably be rich.

Wealth is not determined by how much money you earn, but by how much you invest in “income assets” that can work “for you” around the clock.

3) The right money narrative

Wealth is what you don’t see.

This is not the level of income or expenses.

This is the ownership of “income assets”: a share in a business, rental property, etc.

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