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Three Habits of RICH People That are Worth Copying to Get Rid of Poverty (and Become Rich Too)

Many researchers have noted a number of significant differences between the thinking of rich and poor people.

What is the difference between them?

Why, given approximately equal starting conditions, do some (wealthy, with above-average incomes) achieve success in life, while others (with low levels of wealth and income) fail?

This is exactly what I suggest we talk about in today’s article.

1) Rich people were able to “make” their money work for themselves

Researchers have revealed this fact — rich people have, on average, about 7 different sources of income, incl. active (salary, income from business activities, etc.) and passive (investments, rental real estate, etc.).

Poor people have 1-2 sources of income (usually a very modest salary and various social benefits).

In addition, people with low incomes keep their savings in a bank deposit (where they are greedily “eaten up” by inflation), while wealthy people actively use the tools of the stock market (which allows them to preserve and increase the purchasing power of money).

2) Rich people look for solutions and rarely complain about fate

Rich people clearly understand that in life there are both “white” and “black” stripes.

Therefore, when faced with inevitable problems and obstacles along the way, they do not panic or waste their time moaning and complaining.

They calmly work to solve problems that have arisen and purposefully move forward towards their goals.

Poor people give up at the first difficulty.

That is why they have no chance of moving up the career ladder, because who needs a helpless whiner who is unable to cope not only with troubles, but even with his own emotions about them.

3) Rich people think long term

The poor live one day at a time or, at best, their planning horizon extends to the period “from paycheck to paycheck.”

But it is more than obvious that great success (high income and career) does not come in 1 day, or in 1 month, or in 1 year.

This is why wealthy people work “for the long haul”, because… understand that creating lasting financial wealth requires time and a rigorous sequence of properly focused actions.

That’s why they buy stocks when the stock market falls.

This is why they systematically improve their skills and master new technologies.

That’s why people around them sometimes feel like money literally “sticks” to them — after all, this is a natural result of their perseverance and high productivity.


Now that you know the basic differences in the thinking of rich and poor people, I recommend that you take half an hour to reflect on your life and your habits.

Do you have a “rich” or “poor” mindset?

Recognizing “role behavior patterns” is the first step to consciously changing them.

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