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How Do People Become RICH? 5 Simple HABITS That Will Help You Get Rich

What is the secret of those people who were able to become millionaires or achieve great career success?

The answer to this question is not as obvious as it seems to most of us.

Yes, undoubtedly, among them there are swindlers and corrupt officials, thieving officials and outright criminals.

However, most of the successful people living around us came to their great success with the help of fairly simple steps that each of us can take.

Five simple habits that will help you get rich:

1) Life is not structured at all as it is shown in movies about millionaires

Real success is much more difficult.

Sometimes it is associated with a large number of mistakes and painful failures, chronic lack of sleep and the constant desire to become better than you were yesterday (in a professional context).

That is why wealthy people are characterized by incredible focus on their business — which is an almost unique competitive advantage No. 1 in our age of constant distraction (gadgets, instant messengers, social networks, etc.).

2) Law of cause and effect

Doctors came to the conclusion that in 40% of cases, cancer was caused by the daily habits of the patients they examined.

Here are our “unhealthy” habits that cause cancer:

* too much red meat (causes stomach cancer);

* too often and too much alcohol (colon and liver cancer);

* smoking (lung and nasopharyngeal cancer);

* overeating and obesity (cancer of the stomach, esophagus, colon, pancreas).

It is our habits that determine whether we will live a long and healthy life or whether we will spend the rest of our days in a hospital bed.

Successful people have learned to “attract” good luck through their “rich” habits.

In other words, they create opportunities for good fortune (effect) by doing certain right things (cause) every day.

3) Move slow to go fast

Instead of focusing on giving up bad (unhealthy) habits, you should completely focus on increasing the number of good ones.

Focus on developing critical habits:

This is very similar to the process of losing weight.

The usual advice on this matter is: “Don’t eat this, or that, or that.”

Although it would be much more correct to indicate: “Eat THIS, and THIS, and THIS.”

Do you notice the difference?

A similar approach should be practiced with your money.

Many experts advise us: “Cut your expenses first.”

However, it would be much more correct to direct all your attention and energy to growing your income.

What will allow us to throw out everything “wrong” from our heads and direct our efforts to the “right” steps leading to financial well-being.

4) Become a pro at your craft

The fastest income growth is possible in our professional field of activity.

An extremely simple rule applies here:

“The more valuable a specialist you are, the more competition there will be for you in the labor market. And the higher your income.”

Therefore, ASAP, carry out a serious upgrade of your professional skills.

And after this, the size of your salary will increase.

5) Invest and get rich

The main habit of all rich people is as follows:

“First of all, buy “assets”, and buy “liabilities” on a residual basis.”

“Assets” are what add money to our pockets.

“Liabilities” are what get them out of there.


Get into the good habit of saving 10-20% of every income you receive.

Immediately use this money to replenish your “financial cushion” and invest (buying currency, index funds and other assets).

Due to this, you will gradually form an impressive capital, the income from which will cover all your expenses.

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