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“Always Have MONEY”: 6 Simple Habits That Will Make Us RICH (and fill our wallet)

Doing what you want, when you want, for as long as you want is just a small part of the incredible opportunities that money gives us.

However, most people never achieve this “superpower” that comes with having money.

In this article we will talk about 6 new habits that will allow each of us to be “always on money”, live in abundance and enjoy our financial well-being.

Six simple habits that will make you rich (and that many people too often overlook):

1) Work on your money skills

People who are exceptionally good at one thing (i.e., their profession) tend to be exceptionally bad (i.e., stunningly incompetent) at other things.

Therefore, you should not carelessly “rest on your laurels” of your office and work achievements.

You should (in time) admit your lack of knowledge in the financial sector – which will allow you to prudently “spread straws” in the most difficult areas and work ahead of potential problems with money.

2) No one will be as impressed with your property as you are.

Alas, you will be the only one who will admire your acquisitions (apartment, car, dacha, etc.).

Everyone else doesn’t care at all.

Because people are only interested in their own apartments, cars and country houses.

IMPORTANT!!! Remember to purchase “assets” first. Otherwise, being overly carried away by the purchase of “liabilities”, you will drive yourself into credit bondage and thereby lose the opportunity to become a truly wealthy person.

3) It is much easier to reduce expenses than to increase income

However, many people choose to work only to increase their earnings.

Completely ignoring the fact that reducing costs (that is, reasonable savings) is much less labor-intensive (that is, it will require much less effort from you) with a comparable financial “exhaust”.

4) Money difficulties are something that happens to all of us.

Sudden job loss, decrease in income, divorce, attack by scammers, etc. troubles can happen to any of us at any moment.

Alas, no one is immune from these risks.

But a “financial cushion” of sufficient size will allow you (and your family) to calmly overcome the “dark streak” in life.

IMPORTANT!!! Check right now – do you have a stash? And how does it correspond to the potential risks?

5) Save like a pessimist + Invest like an optimist

Yes, yes, you will inevitably have to learn to combine these 2, so contradictory, qualities.

You will need both at once in order to become a rich person over time (by gradually creating significant financial capital).

IMPORTANT!!! Investments involve the monthly purchase of currencies, index funds and other assets.

6) Take care of your kids (and their money management skills)

The best way to teach your children how to handle money well is to let them feel the lack of it at times.

From time to time it is worth saying “NO” to your child in response to his requests to buy another toy, entertainment or sweets.

* Only in this way will he understand the difference between “necessary” and “desirable”.

* Only this will encourage him to draw up a budget for upcoming expenses and acquisitions in advance.

* Only in this way will he begin to enjoy what he has at the moment and begin to fix what is broken.

And this is the only way your children will have the opportunity to make your grandchildren very rich people!

By CashGuy

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