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Wallet Full of MONEY: Three Tips on HOW to “Make Friends” with Money

Most of us find it difficult to brag about our financial situation.

Rather, it’s the other way around: 75% of workers have loans, but only 40% have savings.

Below we’ll talk about what will help us have a wallet always full of money. Without magic and witchcraft. Only common sense and practical recommendations.

1) Practice healthy financial habits

Sustainable financial well-being is the result of wise management of your personal (family) finances.

Only this will allow us to get rid of debts and loans, increase our income, lay a reliable foundation of material wealth and, in general, improve the overall quality of our life.

Let me give you an example of “healthy” financial habits: Live “within your means.” Strive to become a Master of your craft. Have career ambitions. The first step is to buy “income-generating assets”, etc.

2) Eliminate friction points

First of all, identify the “points of friction”, that is, “conflict situations” that arise between you and your household about money.

Once you identify them precisely, you will easily find a solution.

For example: Do you want to eat healthy? Then put vegetables and fruits on the table + Stop buying chips and processed foods.

Or another example: Do you constantly argue about money with your significant other? Then make it a rule to draw up a family budget together for the next six months and start recording all the expenses you make (including those that go beyond the established budget). This will help you practice “living within your means,” avoid spontaneous spending, and start buying “income assets.”

3) “Monetary well-being” does not mean “doing without money”

This means “spending money in a way that improves your life.”

What is achieved by advance planning – what is worth spending the salary you receive on and what is not.

For example: If you spend money on things that only clutter your home, then you are not moving closer to prosperity, but moving away from it. 

And, on the contrary, when you buy something useful, you improve both your Life and your family finances.

* What do you do to ensure that your wallet is always filled with money?

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