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The Main Secret of RICH People: Macro-Patience and Micro-Speed

We all want to be rich, healthy and happy, but few of us approach these tasks in the right way.

We often focus too much on speed rather than patience.

Let me give you an example: We want to lose weight in 1-2 days, losing 10-20 extra pounds. Which in itself is not real. But at the same time, we are not ready to patiently, day after day, monitor our diet, load our bodies with feasible physical activity, regularly check our health, etc.

1) We show micro-patience and demand macro-speed.

This is why our goals are never achieved.

“Only cats will be born quickly,” everything else requires time and effort.

Our desire to “become rich, healthy and happy” is quite understandable. But our attempts to quickly achieve our goals are, as a rule, doomed to failure.

2) Try the opposite: macro patience and micro speed

I suggest you take the opposite approach: consistently and without fuss, move towards your goals.

Use macro patience to learn and incorporate the right daily habits into your life at micro speed—guaranteed to lead to health, happiness, and wealth.

3) Discipline, not magic

To arrive at our destination, we need to do exactly what we need to do (to get exactly there without inadvertently turning in the other direction).

Here’s what you need to do to create sustainable monetary wealth:

* Caring attitude towards money (practicality and frugality).

* One of the best ways to make money is not to lose it (this is Warren Buffett’s “Investor Rule #1”: Never lose your money).

* Stay away from loans (loans are the “plague” of our times, advertised as a decent way of life).

* Long-term investments instead of short-term, high-risk speculation.

* Wide diversification instead of betting on one asset (even one that has shown high returns in the past).

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