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Are YOU Going to Become a MILLIONAIRE? Make Sure You are On the Right Track

Did you know that most millionaires don’t consider themselves “rich people”?

Surveys have shown that only 13% of millionaires consider themselves rich.

Apparently, the reason for this paradox is that we are accustomed to comparing ourselves with other people: 

The level of income and wealth, the coolness of the house and car, the amount of assets and the amount of investments made.

Such comparisons often turn out to be not in our favor, because… 

There will always be someone who has much more money than you (for example, Elon Musk or Warren Buffett).

1) Rich people are very different

Someone has “grown” a powerful business.

Another became a real estate tycoon.

The third succeeded in investments.

The fourth has made a dizzying career and — in addition to a very tidy salary — receives multimillion-dollar annual bonuses.

And each of them sometimes feels dissatisfied with their life (and the size of their yacht, when they see Roman Abramovich’s huge yacht in the neighboring marina).

2) A rich life doesn’t have to be expensive

Apparently, we are only as rich as we feel.

Each of us has our own “wealth scale”: 

Some evaluate themselves by the number of employees, others by the balance of their bank account, others by the number of “factories and ships” they own.

And there are those who don’t need all this for nothing.

And he is immensely happy being with his family.

The main thing here is the inner feeling of sufficiency and perceived well-being.

3) Character traits that make us rich and successful

Self-control and inner strength.

Wisdom and foresight.

Strategic and integrity.

Financial literacy and entrepreneurial acumen.

Perseverance and patience.

When we develop these (and similar qualities) in ourselves, we thereby give ourselves the tools to achieve great success in life.

They allow us to overcome any obstacles and crush the unfavorable circumstances that come our way.

4) Money requires longevity

The key to longevity is regular physical activity, which serves as a kind of “magic pill” that reliably protects our health.

Physical activity and exercise — in addition to active longevity — provide us with a good mood and sound sleep, fitness and attractiveness, self-confidence and strength.

And all this for a very reasonable price, affordable to each of us: only 3-4 hours a week for gym, swimming pool, bike path, etc.

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