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How the Behavior of RICH People Differs from Poor People (5 Differences that Lead to WEALTH)

There is no one “secret formula” for wealth accumulation.

A whole set of specific skills, developed habits and behavioral patterns leads to prosperity and big money.

In this article we will talk about 5 differences in the behavior of rich people that people with below average income cannot boast of.

1) Work hard and, ideally, with someone else’s hands

I promise you, if you are the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave, your bosses will soon notice (and commend) your hard work.

However, “workaholism” itself has not yet made anyone rich.

“Squeezed lemon” – YES, but rich, alas, NO.

Therefore, you should learn to work with the hands and brains of other people.

Due to this, you will begin to achieve much more significant results, incl. and financial.

2) Make stocks your best friend

Inflation is a dangerous and extremely voracious beast.

It “feeds” on our savings and mercilessly devalues any, even the most persistent, work.


Set yourself the following task: 

Every month to purchase shares of leading companies in the country and the world (it is optimal to do this by purchasing index funds).

This is the only way to beat inflation.

3) Live as if you are much poorer than you really are

I know a lot of people who made millions, but after a while they went broke and were left with nothing.

This happened for a banal reason — they did not want to count their money.

So they didn’t know where their money was going.

The richer you become, the more pragmatic your spending should be.

Otherwise, your money will scatter without a trace due to senseless expenses committed for show (in order to amuse your Ego and prove to everyone around you that you are rich).


Keep track of your expenses!

The amount you save is much more important than the amount you earn.

4) Build a strong support network

It’s not enough to just be hardworking.

To make significant progress, you will have to find as many allies as possible.

Surround yourself with like-minded people, learn to build long-term relationships with other people.

I recommend you read the wonderful book “Never Eat Alone” by networking guru Keith Ferrazzi.

5) Build your own runway

It should look like a well-balanced financial capital, consisting of different currencies and assets of different classes.

This is the only way you can reliably protect yourself from regularly occurring economic crises, gain material wealth and build sustainable financial well-being.

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