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Where to Get a GOOD Mood: or How to Find HAPPINESS in Life (5 Unexpected Tips)

Every morning we wake up and, in a sleepy state, sadly wander to work.

Can this make us happy?


Chronic lack of sleep and heavy doses of caffeine spoil our stomach, but do not in any way increase the level of happiness we feel.

In today’s article we will seriously talk about where we can get a Good Mood and how to find our Great Happiness.

1) Our future will not be the same as “today”

It will either be “bad” or “good”.

And this does not depend in any way on our past — it completely depends on our present, that is, on today.


Our current actions have a much more significant impact on our Future than our Past.

For our Past has brought us to today’s “point of existence,” and our Present leads us forward (to the desired Future).

2) Stress is inevitable

Alas, problems in our lives will arise again and again.

But how we deal with them and our stress (about them) depends only on ourselves.

Tip: Don’t give up too early.

  Do everything possible to make your plans a reality.

And then your current problems will remain a thing of the past.

3) Reverse engineering goals

The cause of our stress is not that we set too Big Goals for ourselves and therefore fail.

The real reason is that we set our goals “too low” and have great success in achieving them.

Tip: Set BIG goals that will inspire you to accomplish great feats.

Big challenges give meaning to our lives, and Happiness comes as a by-product of Living a Meaningful Life.

4) What are you doing with your life?

Hint: Start thinking!

Alternatively, talk to yourself about the following:

  • What do I want to achieve in my Life?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What do I need to do right now to “become happy”?

Have you talked?

Now start doing it!

5) The simplest recipe for how to become happy

We all need to carve out (just) a little free time from our ever-busy lives and completely devote it to ourselves.

After all, we certainly deserve it!

Tip: Give yourself a small Gift right now.

To do this, just for 1 minute, stop doing what you are doing now.

Cover your eyes with your palms (so that it becomes dark and your eyes relax).

And just breathe calmly for 1 minute.

How do you like this self-gift?

Did you like it?

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