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It’s Hard to Find “Role Models” in INVESTING: But I Found one. I Share with You

I’m not saying that there are none at all — models worthy of imitation.

The point is that they prefer to remain “invisible”.

They are not on social networks, they do not post beautiful photos of their “prosperous life” every half hour, they do not shoot videos or stream.

And the one who does this wants to benefit from his “inflated-paid” popularity.

I call these “YouTube stars” “Beauty Bloggers.”

They learned to make a beautiful picture — and nothing more.

(1) An ancient truth says: “Money loves silence.”

Those who violate this rule are awaited by the Tax Service, swindlers, bandits and other professional “wealth equalizers.”

And investors habitually avoid risks — even before they appear.

(2) For me, the “ideal” in investing is billionaire Warren Buffett.

He has long been the richest man in the world.

He is consistently among the TOP 4 richest people on the planet.

You’ve probably noticed that I often quote Buffett.

And no one else.

Because everyone else compared to him is just pale shadows, dust in the cosmic expanses of the universe, show-off showmen and spotlights.

(3) Regarding Buffett

He hasn’t written a single book about investing.

All the books are written about him — by outside authors trying to talk about his investment principles and actions.

But every year he writes letters to the shareholders of his investment holding Berkshire Hathaway.

This is the only thing worthy of our attention, reading and application.

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