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Five Tips from RICH People that YOU Need to Live By (So that Big MONEY “Comes” to You)

If you can follow these tips for some time, then you will be guaranteed clear progress in money matters.

In any case, you have nothing to lose — just try and evaluate the results achieved.

So, meet Five tips from rich people that you need to live by (So that big money “comes” to you):

1) Don’t make money your idol

Think of money as a tool to help you get to where you want to be faster.

Important: Don’t sacrifice your time trying to achieve wealth at any cost.

After all, if you disappear at work around the clock, your children will grow up without you.

Therefore, reconsider your priorities: the main thing should remain the main thing.

2) Memories of good moments in life are valued more than things

Happiness comes from our emotions and positive experiences of bright moments.

Learn to appreciate life — find out what makes you happy and try to enjoy such moments as often as possible.

3) Emotions and reason

Advertisers cynically provoke us to make purchases (they need, not us), fanning the flame of emotions in us.

They know very well that the human brain has two sides:

  • Emotions and
  • Mind.

Therefore, when developing new advertising, they sharpen it for a powerful blow to our emotions and feelings.

They do this so that we follow the impulse and voluntarily give them our money.

And only a few hours (or days) later our common sense belatedly asks us a completely reasonable question:

“What was it”? — and we begin to regret the purchase made on emotions.

4) Luck is when good preparation meets good opportunity.

Alas, great success (as well as big money) is always 99% of our sweat (effort) + 1% of talent.

5) Avoid communicating with “toxic” people

Conducted studies clearly show that 96% of people experiencing chronic financial difficulties communicate closely with those who are also “up to their ears” in constant problems with money.

While 86% of successful people communicate with other successful people.

I think the conclusion is obvious.

Although, for the sake of objectivity, I have to admit that it is extremely difficult to avoid “toxic people” — it is much easier said than done, but we cannot do without it.

Where can we find successful people?

They are everywhere!

You need to open your eyes wider and start meeting new people.

By CashGuy

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