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MONEY Out Of Nothing. How to Increase Your INCOME Using Non-Financial Methods

“Work more” and “spend less” — you’ve probably already come across similar advice on the Internet from “gurus”, coaches and psychologists.

It is easy for them to speak platitudes, repeating common truths over and over again.

But in real life, few people manage to “make money” without initial capital or a powerful springboard in the form of financial support from parents, a “hairy paw” and access to the state budget.

In today’s article we’ll talk about how to make money literally “out of nothing” — without having good starting positions.

1) You can’t change your life until you change what you do every day.

Creating sustainable monetary wealth will require a seamless combination of wise investments, good daily habits and tireless work discipline.

But even this will not be enough!

It is important to remember that great success does not come overnight.

Therefore, you will need all your patience and fanatical determination.

2) How to grind your competitors into dust

We are talking about both competition in the labor market and competition within the company in which you currently work.

An unwavering sequence of actions is the “secret ingredient” that is guaranteed to lead to a decent salary and a high position.

The fact is that now few people are ready to give their all at work “to the fullest.”

A few are able to perform their routine job duties with consistently high quality (even when they don’t feel like working at all).

But millions of people are ready to “sit around”, scrolling through an endless news feed and drinking tea.

3) To earn more, you need to work less (not more)

No matter how illogical it may sound, it is a fact.

The quality of our work improves when we work less but more productively.

And for this we need to rest more (i.e. work less), which dramatically increases our performance.

Solution: Radically cut down your To Do List.

Don’t try to cram as many things into it as possible.

On the contrary, clear it, removing everything unnecessary.

Stop doing things that don’t matter.

This way you will free up space and time for the most important things.

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