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Why is The SALARY Always Low and There is Always Not Enough MONEY?

Each of us faces this “injustice” — there is always little money, and the salary is always too small!

But you don’t have to put up with this, you can and should “fight” with it.

The easiest way to change your “relationship” with money is to “get to know” the basic principles of handling personal finances.

After which there will be good reasons for your “first acquaintance” to develop into a long and strong “friendship” with money.

1) Money has the “feature” of being illogical.

More precisely, we humans behave illogically with money.

Money is deprived of such an opportunity, because… they are just paper cut into rectangles.

So, we get too emotional when solving our financial issues (everyday, work, investment, etc.).

And where emotions interfere, logic and order disappear.

They are replaced by chaos and money problems.

2) Our level of income is closely linked to the “good” we bring to this world.

If we are of little use and benefit, then this is automatically reflected in the size of our salary.

No one will pay millions for the simplest job.

Millions are paid to those who earn hundreds of millions (or even billions) for their employer.

Takeaway: Find out what you’re particularly good at in your field.

Then maximize your professional level and ability to solve problems that arise (rather than create them from scratch).

Additionally, use all possible “levers” — in order to work not only with your hands (and head).

3) Only a few people approach the “quantum leap” point

A quantum leap — or, as financiers call it, the “compound interest effect” — occurs as a result of long-term effort or investment.

The reward for patience is an explosive (= exponential) increase in results — after a certain period of time.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people ignore this phenomenon called “the magic of compound interest.”

But this is exactly how (and only this way) people become Professionals and Masters of their craft.

And this is the only way large investment capitals are born.

By CashGuy

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