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No Matter How BIG Your House is, It Will Never Be Enough for YOU

We have all become victims of advertising and glossy magazines.

Therefore, we cannot help but want to have much more than we currently have.

A more spacious apartment and a country house. A new car — and preferably not a domestic one, but a foreign car.

We want to take a leisurely stroll along the shores of the warm, gentle sea from Instagram, and not through the harsh reality that surrounds us every day.

We will always want much more than we have today!

1) Marketers have us hooked

Look at the neighboring houses that surround your home.

Surely, there is a more elite house nearby with a swimming pool or fitness room on the roof.

And near this house there are cars parked that are much more expensive than yours.

And the owners of these cars fly once a month to vacation where you “lick your lips”, but cannot afford it financially.

There is (and will be) someone who earns more than us!

Who lives better and spends more.

And marketers constantly rub our noses at this with their advertising.

2) We all want more

On the one hand, this is completely normal and natural.

Because it is in our (human) nature!

But, on the other hand, this “turns” us into insatiable zombie shopaholics who worship the golden calf.

3) How to fight back your greed

There is a great way to do this — constantly remind yourself that you already “have it all.”

Ignore the fancy house next door because you already have your own house!

And don’t drool over your boss’s luxury car.

Just remember that you have already had everything you need for Happiness for a long time.

4) Write down 10-20-50 things for which you are grateful to Life.

Which make your Life real and worthwhile.

And you will immediately find that you already have everything!

And that this is quite enough for you.

5) Gratitude is the “reset button” for accumulated stress

A gratitude list shows us that everything in our lives is “going right.”

It shows us how far we have come.

Each of us has “good” days and “bad” days.

I have found that writing a Gratitude List never fails and improves my mood even during the “hardest times.”

* What are you grateful for in your Life?

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