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A Healthy Relationship with MONEY: The Path of Least Resistance When Moving to High Income and WEALTH

It is much easier for us to notice the mistakes of other people than our own (and exactly the same ones).

Because we evaluate other people solely by their actions, and we always masterfully justify and rationalize our nonsense.

Criminals, scoundrels and other “bad guys” “suffer” from approximately the same thing.

They sincerely believe that they are doing the right thing (and not breaking the law) — for which they can provide “reinforced concrete evidence”.

In today’s article we’ll talk about a “healthy relationship” with money, which is guaranteed to lead to prosperity, high income and financial well-being.

1) Wealth is the “carrot” that allows people to endure their low-money “today” for the sake of their high-money “tomorrow”

Without such an alluring “piece of cheese,” we are unlikely to find the strength and determination to follow the key principles of financial literacy.

Namely: live within your means, save 10-20% of each income received, develop in your profession and climb the career ladder.

2) People dream of a good career, but do not fight for it

They are not ready to become the “big fish” and jump into the “big pond” where the biggest salaries are found.

They are content with an average career, average income and a complete lack of prospects for their further growth.

What they pay for is a lack of stress and enjoy the opportunity to climb the career ladder at their own leisurely pace.

3) Savings greatly add optionality to our Future

At the same time, significantly reducing the optionality of today.

We need to find the optimal balance between spending here and now and building our wealth — which is done by purchasing “income-earning assets” every month.

We meet 2 types of people:

The former spend very little money, while the latter spend a lot.

But what is most surprising is that the third type of people, whose expenses are in the middle between these two groups, is extremely rare.

And they are the only ones who have a “healthy relationship” with money.

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