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How to Attract LUCK and PROSPERITY: 5 Secrets of Very RICH People

Luck is not as random as it seems at first glance.

If, of course, you know for sure how to “summon” it, how to correctly use its “tidal wave” and multiply the benefits received in a timely manner.

Poor people living on low incomes are accustomed to “causing” good luck through the purchase of shamanic amulets and participation in esoteric rituals.

The result of which is more psychologically pacifying than material and financial.

Rich people have completely different views on luck.

Much more reliable and proven.

They are convinced that “fortune favors the prepared.”

In other words, you don’t need to light a candle, but build your own small candle factory — this way there will be a lot more money (including at the expense of those “luck seekers” who buy these candles en masse).

How to attract good luck and prosperity (5 secrets of very rich people):

1) The habit of “growing up”

Wealthy people organize a special “money” gym for themselves.

Where they go as regularly as they go to the gym.

In this gym of theirs, they purposefully “pump up” the knowledge and skills that allow them to become a “serial” lucky person.

That is why luck visits them so often.

WHAT TO DO: Read literature in your specialty, take on complex projects (which will increase your qualifications many times over), communicate with more experienced professionals, attend specialized events, etc.

2) “Don’t sleep on your luck”

This era of complete uncertainty creates many unique opportunities for rapid growth.

You must be constantly ready to use them.

Moreover, ready both morally and professionally.

3) Don’t trust storytellers and scammers

They are always circling around us like sharks in search of easy prey.

They drag down “to the bottom” those who naively dropped their ears and fell for their promises of quick wealth, high returns and great results without making the appropriate efforts.

Please ignore them!

4) Be a smart shopper

Possessing large financial capital requires high discipline, incl. when making purchases.

If you use a credit card, it means you don’t want to be rich.

Get used to being a “smart buyer” who lives within his means, plans big purchases in advance and buys with his own money (and not with someone else’s = borrowed = not yet earned).

And who first of all buys “assets”, not “liabilities” and beautiful trinkets.

5) Make money doing what you love to do

Whatever your interests and hobbies, try to find a job or start a business related to your passions.

And then you will be paid money for what you love.

Yes, it may not be your ideal dream job.

But, alas, there is no perfectly smooth road to wealth.


Be polite.

People don’t want to deal with assholes. It’s always easier (and more correct) to be friendly than to be a jerk.

Don’t be a jerk!

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