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The MONEY Mistake We Make Every Day

When it comes to money and personal income, I have noticed a pattern that frightens me.

It comes down to this: we love to overcomplicate the simplest things.

Let me give you an example: everyone is talking about crypto and Nvidia dividends.

But at the same time, few of us manage a family budget or have a serious amount of money in our “stash”.

But without these preliminary steps, investing your money somewhere is strictly contraindicated.

1) Money mistake we make every day

We ignore the basic principles of handling money.

Which allow you to systematically increase your income and consistently acquire profitable “assets”.

Instead of relying on the main thing, we followed the dubious “Pinocchio path” — we invest our last money in dubious financial scams (without even understanding how exactly they work).

2) “The system beats the class”, and simplicity beats complexity

I suggest you take the following sequence of steps that will lead you to sustainable financial well-being.

Step #1: Calculate how much money you need to cover your basic expenses: food, utilities, transportation, medicine, etc.

Step #2: Take time to really think about what makes you happy (what brings you real happiness, not just pleasure).

Then calculate an additional “happiness budget” — in addition to the amount of necessary living expenses.

Step #3: Ruthlessly eliminate from your budget all expenses that do not fall into these 2 categories (Life + Happiness).

Use the remaining money to buy yourself the so-called “freedom of action.”

Which will allow you, for example, to do only the work that you love.

Or, alternatively, do less of the work you hate.

Step #4: Go back to Step #1 and repeat the entire chain of steps until you have created the life of your dreams.

3) The quality of our life depends on the quality of our thoughts

Pragmatism and practicality will help you enjoy what really matters to you.

It’s really simple:

Show consideration and respect for money + Maximize your usefulness and effectiveness in the workplace + Optimize happiness + Make your money work for you.

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