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Three Signs You’re Destined for SUCCESS: No Matter Who YOU Are, What You Do, or Where You Live.

There is no “magic formula” that would guarantee us success in all our endeavors.

However, there are three clear signs that unmistakably indicate that the Universe has amazing Success in store for us.

Below we will analyze each of them — in order to clearly make sure that we have done everything in our power for our success.

1) Comfort is not bad

It’s bad when there is “too much” comfort around us.

It lulls us to sleep, making us soft and helpless.

Particularly dangerous is the comfort that we have not earned (but have found, for example, thanks to a bank loan, which allows us to easily buy ourselves the “appearance” of success and the external attributes of wealth)

Our ancient ancestors lived in constant discomfort — every day thinking about where they would get food for themselves and their family today.

And we should be grateful to our ancestors (and the discomfort that surrounded them) for the fact that we were able to be born.

And we are obliged to pass on this light further — to all our descendants.

2) If you are too happy about your Victories, then you are finished

An interesting paradox: Success prolongs our lives, but it also kills us.

Because, as we found out a little higher, comfort is destructive for us.

Yes, on the short side, its taste is “sweet and pleasant” to us, but on the long side, success “rotates”, and our yesterday’s Victories turn into a deadly “swamp of peace” and a quicksand “quagmire of serenity.”

Look at famous businessmen who suddenly lost their leadership in the market.

This happened due to too carefree “resting on one’s laurels.”

Therefore, they were “overtaken at the turn” by more active and daring/hungry competitors.

3) Make extraordinary changes in your life to see extraordinary results.

I want to end my article today with two differently directed phrases (I hope you can wrap your head around them):

The first principle is: “Make extraordinary effort to achieve extraordinary success.”

Second principle: “Be able to find the state of “This is enough for me.”

You shouldn’t constantly tear the veins.

Remember that heroes don’t live long.

They burn out — either from the inside (from exhaustion), or in battles and campaigns (under enemy attacks).

I sincerely hope that you will be able to find a healthy balance and “golden mean” in the combination of these two disparate principles.

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